RIP Davide Astori

The death of captain Fiorentina defender Davide Astori shocked many. Gianluigi Buffon gives emotional messages to the late Astori.

Astori was found lifeless in the hotel where Fiorentina stay, Sunday (4/3/2018) local time. It happened just hours before Fiorentina’s game against Udinese.

The big figure with AC Milan was suspected of having a heart attack. The death of Astori made all Serie A matches on that day postponed.

Many clubs and players express condolences and a sense of loss. Including Buffon. Through his Instagram account, Buffon wrote an emotional message for the late Astori.

“Goodbye Asto, I rarely publish an expression on someone because I always feel the beauty and privilege of a relationship, mutual respect, and love, should not be exploited, or spit on for the consumption of disrespectful people.”

“But, for this matter, I make an exception.You have a young wife and a family that will suffer (for being abandoned.) Above all, there is a little girl who deserves to know that her father IS A VERY GOOD PEOPLE. ”

“You are the best expression of the old-fashion world, something that people have left behind, you are full of caring for others, elegant, polite, and respectful people.”

“With all my heart I say this, it is undeniable that Astori is one of the best figures I have ever met in the world of football.

Buffon and Astori had appeared shoulder to shoulder in the Italian live draw hk national team. Astori has a collection of 14 caps with Gli Azzurri.